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This portal supports collaboration between NATWG members in creating work products related to technical standards, policy and outreach. Leadership: Chair, Len Konecny, Clear Channel Communications

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Federal Guidance on Traffic Information: SAFETEA-:LU Section 1201: Agency Plans for Addressing Reporting Requirements in 2011 - Traffic Information - Real Time Systems Program Final Rule
Date: Wednesday, Janaury 19, 2011 at 1:00 p.m. EST
Presenter: Bob Rupert, U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Transportation Management
Webinar Recording: Click here to view a recording of the session

ITS World Congress 2011 Sessions on Traffic Information - User perspective on Calibration and Validation of Traffic Simulation Models, TS137 ITS Data Usage, TS127 Data Platforms 3: Next Generation Travel Information, TS90 Probe and travel Time for Cooperative Mobility

Meeting July 2010 NATWG - Virginia Pooled Fund Study
IntelliDrive (Connected Vehicle) Dynamic Mobility and Data Capture and Management Program - Sept 13, 2010 Presentation
IntelliDrive (Connected Vehicle) Performance Measurement Demonstration Program

**Traffic Information Benchmarking Guidelines Version 1.0** (see announcement here )
NATWG Activities at ITS America Annual Meeting, May 3-5, 2010 - Houston Texas
BMW Event Code Translations for CEN and USA 2007

News: Global traffic info users to exceed 370 million by 2015, ABI

NATWG's Mission

NATWG will collaboratively define, accept and advocate for the unique needs of North America with a coordinated, proactive market driven
implementation of traffic and travel information services and products by both influencing international standards efforts and coordinating the development of nonā€competitive commercial agreements.


  • Influencing TISA and other bodies to ensure requirements of North America are recognized in current and future international standards.
  • Collaborating with travel related content and service providers, broadcasters, equipment and device manufacturers, to drive consumer focused solutions.
  • Educating and reaching out to TISA and other international bodies about the work of this group, for example through ITS America.
  • Establishing a process to review and interpret the application of international standards and frameworks and ultimately to define recommendations and requirements.
  • Developing data quality methodologies and metrics.

NATWG is the North American counterpart to the European Traveler Information Services Association (TISA) TISA News Feed
NATWG is a committee of the ITS America Cross Cutting Issues Forum NATWG is a committee of the ITS America Cross Cutting Issues Forum


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